Thursday, April 14, 2011

Remembering your Mother with Beautiful Mother’s day Flowers in Lebanon

Mother’s day in Lebanon is celebrated on 21st in the month March, every year. The people of Lebanon leave no stone unturned in expressing love for their kind mothers and make them feel special and extraordinary. Mother’s day in Lebanon is a day of honoring the mothers of Lebanon. They make their moms happy by giving mothers day flowers Lebanon and other mother’s day gifts. The Lebanese are very sensitive for their mothers and really love them and care them a lot. They start the day with a family prayer and present luscious breakfast or bed tea to their mothers. After that there is a common family gathering where the whole family sits together and pays gratitude, respect and honor to the mothers. There are out of the ordinary thoughtful speeches and recall of happy and sweet memories of one’s childhood. Some Lebanese children also perform skits and parodies to honor their mothers.
Flowers, on the other hand, are the most fundamental part of all these mother’s day celebrations in Lebanon. The Lebanese regard carnations as mothers day flowers Lebanon. They also love to gift roses and other favorite flowers of their mothers as mothers day flowers Lebanon. The Lebanese kids and people place orders for mothers day flowers delivery Lebanon weeks before the event. The online international and local florists make record sales of the flower arrangements for mother’s day in Lebanon. The kids of Lebanon are very keen about the mothers day flowers Lebanon. They select the most fresh and attractive flower arrangements for mother’s day. Many of the online florists offer same day and next day mothers day flowers delivery Lebanon. The abroad Lebanese also send mothers day flowers Lebanon to express their love and care as well as to pay gratitude for their mothers.
Hence the day dawns with prayers and sweet memories of childhood. Girls bake cake and other bakery products for their mothers and take the charge of the whole house for the entire day. They have to look after the house, prepare meals and to receive guests. Most of the Lebanese give a health spa to their moms. The significance of the day is two fold for the mothers and the youngsters. Mothers get soothed and honored and the youngsters feel relaxed for and excited for serving their mothers. On the other hand, they go through the hard work and tough duties that mothers have been paying since years. This realization imparts more strength and sensitivity to the relationship.
The Lebanese kids wish their mothers on mother’s day in a variety of ways. Some purchase special greeting cards for their mothers with mother’s day poems and greetings engraved on them. Others go for electronic means of celebration and send mother’s day greeting e-mails and e-cards to their mothers. Still others buy special gifts for their mothers. Cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, jewelry are at the top of the list. Some more creative kids make their own special gifts for their mothers. In Short, mother’s day is celebrated on March 21st throughout the Lebanon with great zeal, every year. The Lebanese do everything to make their moms feel blissful, honored and special.
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